Silent World

Here’s that idea that makes you raise your eyebrows and you stare upwards wondering what it is you are writing but you can’t help but write no matter how ridiculous it begins to sound because the mere fact that you are writing it down seems to validate every moment of time you have spent thinking about it to the this point.

What if we became so technologically advanced that computers could actually be implanted in our minds eye, allowing us to communicate with one another without actually talking? Much like a person at work on instant messenger, with random outbursts of unconscious laughter followed by exclamations of “ha” and “pssh.” How warped is it to consider a world where verbal noise might be an activity of antiquity, one for those “old-timers” who like to live in the past meeting at one another’s homes to talk about anything, as the simple act of talking itself would be what was desired. To go outside and hear only cars and buses, trains and planes, but no voices. Its almost “matrix-ee.” We might as well be asleep living entirely through our minds.

What would happen to talk shows?

I don’t know, just weird…


One thought on “Silent World

  1. This is an interesting post to me because this is actually something I’ve thought about.

    Your description of life with a mind’s eye chip is a little “short sighted” if you’ll pardon the pun.

    If you think about it, the brain doesn’t really think in words. I envision a scenario with two friends like this:

    :: mental greeting :: feelings of familiarity and affinity exchanged
    friend 1: :: feeling of hunger followed by question ::
    friend 2: :: feeling of agreement, rapid exchange of cheeseburgers, pizza, Chinese ::
    friend 1: :: send image of Chipotle ::
    friend 2: :: agreement, excitement ::

    That’s my idea anyway.

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