What’s your power song?

So Nike+ is a partnership between Apple iPod and Nike. Essentially it is a device you place in your shoe which connects via bluetooth to the receptor attached to your iPod Nano. The iPod records your distance (based on previous calibration), calories burned, and time of your run. After, when you sync back up with your computer, it uploads that info to the Nike+ website where you can compare and talk trash to friends who also have the product. The program on your iPod then plays the playlist you assign to your basic workout and, when you start to get tired, allows you the option to push a button to play your “power song.”

Assuming you are dead-tired, what song do you choose to be your power song to pump you up?

Here are some examples:

Myself: Lose Yourself by Eminem

Arnoldcam: Su-su-ssudio by Phil Collins

Pensees: A Whole New World or You’ll Be in My Heart (also by Phil Collins, kind of weird)

Lets hear it? (yes thats a pun) Click here or on the image for a Nike+ commercial