I can’t believe it…

Just saw the headline…”Actor Heath Ledger Dead.”

From A Knight’s Tale to Broke Back to the next big Batman movie, Ledger has been a part of a variety of movies. I guess I will never understand the celebrity lifestyle. I don’t get why all the celebrities get DUI’s and are in and out of rehab. Do we just hear it more because they are in the spotlight?



One thought on “I can’t believe it…

  1. First Knight was Sean Connery. I think you mean A Knight’s Tale.

    I’ve been thinking about your very question all day. I wonder if it’s not so much the celebrity lifestyle as it is the kind of person that is drawn to becoming an actor. I don’t mean a star like George Clooney or Julia Roberts. I mean an actor like Heath Ledger… he said he hadn’t been able to sleep much because he was throwing so much emotional energy in becoming the dark and depraved Joker for the new Batman movie and Ambiens were only helping him sleep for an hour at most.

    I think these creative types are a little more sensitive than the rest of us and in the compressed life under the media spotlight, life’s ups and downs get magnified more. It’s sad to think he may have been driven to taking so many sleeping pills by the same hardships and disappointments many have to deal with as well.

    In any case, it’s a sad and tragic loss, especially in someone so young. Oh Heath… you had your whole life before you.

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