From Moses to MLK

Being as we just celebrated MLK Jr. day, I was thinking about him. There are so many paralells between MLK and Moses (He actually compares himself to him) I felt I had to write about it. Let me break it down:

1) Oppression: For Moses, the oppression was to be found with the Hebrew people enslaved in Egypt. Yes, “Pharaoh, Pharaoh, oh baby, let my people go.” In the case of MLK, it was also oppression, specifically African American people lacking the general God given rights of human beings.

2) Powerful Leaders/Speakers: Moses was very self-conscious of his speaking capabilities, but God provided a means by which to communicate where people probably didn’t make fun of his stutter anymore. We all know what kind of speaker Dr. King was; passionate, driven, and heart-shaking.

3) There were mixed feelings as to how the exodus should all go down: For Moses, there was often desention among the people, some wanted to go back and most others complaining for one reason or another. For MLK, there were those who wanted the same goal only thought the non-violent path was not the right method, and tried to do it their own way.

4) Neither would enter the “promised land”: For Moses, he was unable to enter because of a disobedient act with a rock and a stick (maybe another post sometime), and for MLK, a tragic assassination.

5) Both Moses and MLK would succeed in their tasks: The Hebrews would finally step foot into the promised land, and the civil rights movement would continue on to success.

I can’t help but wonder what Dr. King would say today had he lived to see the fruit of his labor. He truly must have been a messenger from God.

Martin Luther King, Jr.’s last speech