Our Beliefs…

Since the last post was daunting, here is something a little more intuitive for thoughts sake…

Yesterday, I was talking to someone I know about the Presidential candidates. We were talking about Mitt Romney and the fact that he is Mormon. The other person made a comment something like this: Yes, Mormons bring great moral standing to the office, but I have a bit of a problem with a person that can believe in such a young religion with a fairly unbelievable history and doctrinal issues (i.e. African Americans in the LDS church, etc.). I said, that in terms of history, Christianity didn’t have the cleanest past (the crusades) and we also had doctrinal issues, just much longer ago (hence the need for the councils and arguably the reformation).

*This post is not about Mormonism*

For this I want to see if we can view Christianity from the outsiders view only basing it on beliefs directly related to our salvation, and by faith.

1) We believe Jesus Christ is the son of God

2) We believe that Jesus Christ died for the forgiveness of our sins

3) We believe that Jesus Christ, after 3 days, was raised from the dead to grant the gift of salvation/eternal life for all

Here are the rules:

1) You cannot site the Bible as we are talking to those who do not believe in it

2) Historical documentation outside of the Bible is ok

Based on the 3 doctrines and 2 rules above, how would a non-believer see Christianity and/or how would you justify your reasons for believing in a way that separates Christianity from other religions?