The Moving Funnies…

So moving my soon to be wife into our new place has been a pretty interesting experience. First of all, we got a really sweet place for a great deal (most of you know this because I tell everyone I see that asks, and sometimes those who don’t). Its amazing the things you figure out you need when you do your first move. Here are a few examples for you:

The night I moved all the big furniture in, I realized, “Hey, this place is dark at night, we need lights.” Then I thought, “Good thing we bought some lamps the other day.” I set up the lamps and to my surprise realized that by some twisted rule of the universe you need light bulbs to make light; item #1: You can never have too much light.

Then came the issue of the clothes. Since it’s a new place, its only natural that you want to start fresh, so I bought her some new coat hangers (matching of course). When I actually saw how many clothes she had, I thought to myself, “Hmmm, I slightly underestimated; item #2: You can never buy too many coat hangers for your significant other.

So we started to set everything up. The speakers I had setup for the sound system weren’t that great, so I brought in some new ones, slightly bigger of course. Well, not really a hit. So, I rewired the “sleeker” set of speakers with new wire to make them work; item #3: A mans view of “a sweet setup” is way different to the women’s usually.

Here is one more for you. I set up all the electronic stuff, wired, hidden, and looking great (even the xbox 360). Now I’m thinking, “Finally, all the grunt work is done, I can sit on the couch and program all this.” So I sit down, start pushing buttons on the remote, and find out that the battery fairy removed the batteries from all the pertinent remotes, and all my xbox controllers are dead; item #4: Buy as many batteries as you can, they will always be needed.

Hope you enjoyed that, looking back, I think its pretty funny…