Thoughts on Dualism

I heard peices of this concept that I thought was pretty interesting this last Sunday. Our pastor read a passage from the preface of Lewis’s book, “The Screwtape Letters.” The book is about a young demon corresponding with an older demon on ways to weaken the person he is currently working on.

In the preface, Lewis says that someone asked him whether he believes in the Devil. He says that the real question is whether he believes in devils, plural. If you believe in angels then it only makes sense to believe that there is an opposite force (I know, very dualistic) being devils.

The Punch Line: Our God is bigger than anything inside/outside of the world.

The Tie In: Often we think of the classical Satan (not ha satan), or the Devil, or whatever you want to call him as being the polar opposite of God when in fact this is not true. We know from Hebrews that Jesus, and thereby God, is greater then the angels. If we accept that Satan was a fallen Angel, then really the polar opposite of Satan is Michael.

The Conclusion: God has domain over all. Satan may reside in this world, but we should never think that God’s power and the power of angels is equal to Satan’s power and the power of devils or demons.