If you can complete this quote then bookmark the Wookieepedia:

Its not impossible. I used to bullseye womp…

Just the thought of people knowing this quote makes me giggle.



9 thoughts on “Wookieepedia

  1. rats in my T-16 back home, they’re not much bigger than 3 meters…

    (speaking of childhood movies, have you seen the Indy4 teaser trailer yet???)

  2. Dang it! TWO meters. (The actual number of meters was like and afterthought — clearly it’s time for me to watch star wars again.)

  3. hmm, i can hear luke saying “…1127” i think. mostly i just remember the voice crack at “…TWO seven!” plus, it shouldn’t matter cause R2 shut them all down.

    uh, hey dustin, do non-nerds visit this site?

  4. 3263827. Who identifies a room on a ship with such an unwieldy name? If the rebels hadn’t destroyed the Death Star, bureaucracy would have.

  5. If non-nerds ever read this site, they would probably never come back, except to make fun of us probably.

    ps – I bet Luke wasn’t even reading what the script had written, cause that number is dumb

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