“That’s just your theology”

First: Don’t be scared, I changed the theme of this blog because the readability of the other style was wearing on me; this is still the same blog that all 3 of you read.

I heard this country song and the tag was, “God must be busy.” I thought the song was a poor representation of a Christian belief in praying for peace and love, and all things good, and not getting an answer right away and directly, meaning only that God must certainly be busy because the bad things in life still exist.

The question is pretty ambiguous: Is a persons theology unique to themselves or corporate body that continually surrounds them, or is there be no such thing as “my theology” and rather an absolute theology much like truth.

Some things to consider: Is God’s character continually changing is that perception? If it changes can we say anything absolute? Is it arrogant and narrow minded to believe that what we as individuals believe about God is the only way God can be? Can you approach someone that says God must be busy and say, “that’s just your theology” as if there are several choices like soup on a market shelf?