The Gospel vs. the Gospels(s)

Reading an interesting book by Martin Hengel called “The Four Gospels and the One Gospel of Jesus Christ.” Basically it is a look at how/why we have four gospels and how this relates to the one Gospel message of Salvation and Hope that is in Jesus Christ. It also looks at the difference in the view of the term gospel, as Paul, early church leaders, and the writers of the canonanical gospels saw it. One word, a new movement, pretty interesting. I’ll try and keep you all posted because I can see you salivating now over this post alone…


3 thoughts on “The Gospel vs. the Gospels(s)

  1. Nice book choice. I very quickly skimmed through it a while back, and I’m hoping to get more time with it in the near future. (Sorry, I’ve been away for a few days and am now getting back to my blog-checking routine…)

  2. It sounds to me that Martin Hengel is a type of missionary “sent out” by contemporary Christianity to justify the status-quo understanding of a 4 in 1 theology. But Hengel really needs to do this because the Bible clearly presents four *different* so-called gospels. Yet only one (1) can be correct. I think Hengel is a liar. There can only be ONE.

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