The Beauty of Music

Music is a beautiful thing. It brings all types of people together and can set the tone for any occasion. A song played at a party can bring out all kinds of emotions if it were played say, at a funeral. Here is a great example. Last night I hung out with some people who I see on occasion, but are still very guarded. We were bowling and music was playing. One of my favorite bands, the Goo Goo Dolls, came on and I commented on it. They immediately let down all forms of guard to talk to me about the band, followed by a conversation about the Counting Crows and Graham Colton Band. It was amazing, for someone to become so open so quickly.

Here is another example. I was riding in a car the other day; there were 3 of us. After 5 minutes of silence and weird awkwardness, I decided to start singing along to an oldy that was playing on the radio. Immediately the mood in the car changed; we all began singing and smiling.

Music, next to food, may win the award for “most likely to bring a group of unlikely people together.” Maybe this is why worship is such a central part of our faith as Christians.

To think that something as simple as strings resonating over steal and hollow wood can create community where all else fails is uplifting. This is why I will always choose to play and write music; it will endure forever and the potential for community is nearly unrealized.


One thought on “The Beauty of Music

  1. Yeah, there’s just something about it — instant community.

    “He who hears music, feels his solitude peopled at once.” – Robert Browning

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