The tax funnies…

I imagine that Arnold does something like this during tax season for fun. I have to speculate since no one really knows what he does, at least thats what he tells me. Hence, I will be taking guesses in the comments of this blog as to Arnold’s official occupation (if you know it, make up something and humor me so I don’t feel completely left out)

Ping Pong and Taxes Made Easy


5 thoughts on “The tax funnies…

  1. In reality, Arnold is the only person I know whose cover is that he’s a spy. Despite his vigorous assertions of the clandestine nature of his work, he doesn’t work for the state. Truth be told, he’s just a Transpondster.

  2. OK. First of all…. you mean you guys DON’T do this during tax season?

    And secondly… The best place to hide is out in the open.

  3. With as much time as you spend on YouTube, did you visit the site on April Fools? If you clicked on any of the Featured Videos, despite the thumbnail and description, you ended up with Rick Astley singing Never Gonna Give You Up.

  4. I heard about this, I guess Teresa figured it out. “You got rick rolled!”

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