Sigh of Relief…

Well, its been a while, and its only natural that my first post back after sabatical will be on…


So I have been postponing buying a new desktop for quite some time now. I love my macbook pro, but decided I needed to get a desktop to handle some of the more daunting tasks like music and graphic creation.

I’ll stop right here and give the non-nerds a chance to leave this post.

On Saturday, I finally pull the trigger. I purchase an iMac, the super desktop. Its 20″, 2.4 GHz, 4GB of memory operating at 667 MHz. Lets just say I was stoked. Then on Monday (today), I decide to go to the Apple website just to get a little more info on the comp I just made, cause I figure

this thing is the coolest desktop to hit the market, there obviously must be something I dont know about it

To my complete surprise, I see this


Real funny Apple.

So I call Apple as fast as my fingers can dial.

Can I please cancel my order?……Sure Mr. Reynolds

Woohoo! [Sigh of relief] So I cancel my order and re-order 15 minutes later. Now I have a 20″, 2.66GHz desktop with 4 GB or memory operating at 800MHz and my mind is spinning because it was $300 bucks cheaper!!!

So amazing I had to share it with the world that is the 3 people that read this blog that may understand my excitement. Phew, I’m spent.