Coldplay Prophecy

I was asked yesterday to predict, based on my incomparable ear for Coldplay rhythm and beat, the next single to hit the radio, outside of Violet Hill and Viva la Vida.

So, with no further ado…

Lovers in Japan (Radio Edit)

The song is 6 something minutes long so they will probably cut out that second encore to the song. It almost has a scissor sisters feel in the beginning with the tinny keyboard feel.

Disclaimer: I will delete immediately any comments related to the scissor sisters posted to this blog.


3 thoughts on “Coldplay Prophecy

  1. I kept looking for a link to listen to a sample. But there isn’t one… like someone’s sister to a scissor to it.

  2. Since that sentence made no sense until you corrected it, I will allow it to stay up

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