Funny Story…

So this weekend I went surfing and it was awesome [see Arnold’s video on my facebook for more information]. On the way home we thought, hmmm, food sounds good, let’s have some. We finally locate the hidden Avery Parkway In-N-Out that has somehow alluded us for so long and thus begins the ordering:


Scene: Drive-thru at In-N-Out, In-N-Out lady standing at the passenger side window of the car

In-N-Out Lady: Welcome to In-N-Out, may I take your order?

Arnold: [Leans over to make eye contact with In-N-Out lady] Yes…I’d like an In-N-Out please

[Lady smiles awkwardly followed by Arnold smiling awkwardly]

Arnold: Oh my gosh [looking stunned and at a loss for words while Dustin giggles in the seat next to him, the seat between the In-N-Out lady and Arnold]

In-N-Out Lady: Its ok, it happens all the time

Arnold: Really?

In-N-Out Lady: Yeah [Smiling and nodding]

Arnold: Oh ok, then I’ll have a double double with no onion

The end.

Really funny in the moment, I mean common, who goes to In-N-Out and asks for an In-N-Out?

Anyway, Im sure I will find a way to spruce this up a little.