mac vs. pc’s number is up…

A couple months ago, I read an article about Microsoft donating about $350 million dollars to a company called Crispin. By donating, I mean they paid them to revamp their entire marketing strategy because of the expense ($550 million) failed Vista campaign. This ad agency is know for its “Big King” Burger King invention as well as the edgy “Truth” campaign against big tobacco.

The agency went to the extreme of having all its designers move from Mac’s to Pc’s so that it could get the full experience. They needed to know what it was that was attractive about the system, what they could sell.

I believe this is the second commercial in the campaign, the first being the Jerry Seinfeld (which was not so good but definetly a step in the right direction). After this, I would not be surprised to see Apple do something a little different with their campaigning. My guess is that they move into highlighting the strengths of their platform, the types of people that use Macs, and focus more on the “Why a mac” question.

I love Macs and thats what I use, but I dont have any vendetta to uphold against PC’s, so here is a link to the new commercial.