Wonder and Awe

Recently, I read the creation story in Genesis 1. I have read it and heard it more then a hundred times I am sure, but this time I stum

bled upon a great image. For one moment, let us put science and literature aside and wonder at this statement:

God saw the light was good; and God separated the light from the darkness.

As I heard this and then continued to read it over and over, I began to imagine what this might have been like. To imagine that at this moment, both the Sun and the Earth had been brought into existence. We know there must have been sun because of there was light, and earlier we read about the earth which was formless and void.

This is now my favorite part of the imagery. “God separated the light from the darkness.” Technically, this has to mean that the earth had to start spinning and orbiting the sun. Can you imagine, God spoke and the beginnings of the solar system began to move?!? Imagine what a child would think if they heard this. Their first instinct would not be to argue whether the creation story was a myth, poem, or maybe a knock-off of a creation story from an earlier time. Their first instinct would be to wonder. To wonder what that would actually look like. To hear the planets begin to move for the first time like turning the key to the biggest motor you had ever seen in your life would be jaw dropping.

I want to wonder more often…