I have to vote at 7-11?

The past two mornings, I have found myself walking with some co-workers to 7-11 for a cup of cheap coffee (Starbux starts to weigh on you…or your budget). Once inside, I walked to the coffee bar like I always do, and BOOOOM, make your choice! There were three cups: McCain (red), Independent (no color), and Obama (blue). I had to decide in the store who I was going to vote for, and break the news to all my co-workers. Anyway, once I made my choice, I saw right above the barcode a little message that said, “This is how we count your vote.” I thought, “this is crazy!”, then I thought, “this is genius!”

We all are well-aware by now that the main audience for this election is the working, middle-class, Joe 6-pack. What better way to get a feel for who those people are rooting for then to tag coffee cups at 7-11. WIth my marketing pants on, this is pretty creative. With my middle-class pants on, I’m making a stand. WIth my conspiracy pants on, I’m being watched and tracked in yet another way and I can’t do anything about it because coffee everywhere else is freakin’ expensive. Do not reply to this post with any comments about pants.