Election Day

Well, yesterday was an exciting day. It was historic to say the least and I think I experienced a gamit of emotions from spine tingling, to excited, to proud tears, and also a little fear. But come on, who wouldn’t be slightly afraid of what the future holds (Im not talking Nightmare on Elm Street scared).

The thing that frustrates me most now is facebook. I don’t even remember if we had facebook last election, but I can’t even express how dissapointed/frustrated/borderline angry I have gotten (in private of course) due to some of the statements made on facebook by many people I know, or at least thought I knew. From Prop 8 to the Presidency, the ignorance level seemed unmatched at times. No person has the right to fault another person for their beliefs if they are informed.

Most of all, its as if we have forgotten how amazing it is that we even have the chance to vote and live within a democracy. Now we deject people for voting a certain way and discredit their beliefs, I’ve even seen people discount others faiths because of the way they were choosing to vote.

My hope is that this will subside soon. Our President elect has some big promises to make good on, but he recognizes the work that needs to be done which is a perfect start (see Obama’s acceptance speech).

That’s it for now…thanks to everyone for voting, this was an election not to be missed. HISTORY!!!!!


8 thoughts on “Election Day

  1. In 2004 there was no facebook.com, no youtube, no Colbert Report. Things have changed in the last four years, not to mention the last 24 hours.

  2. I find it’s easier for people to be insensitive and harsh online in places such as Facebook. There’s not as much accountability as if you were saying those things to someone’s face. I’m not saying it’s right – I think it’s sad we’ve lost that accountability in our technology – but it doesn’t surprise me anymore. I think it’s a lot harder to “fight fair” online, don’t you?

  3. Well, since we have had a Bush or a Clinton in office for the past 19 years, its hard for someone of my youth to know any different. Since I have been in America, I have only been governed by those two families in the Presidency…crazy

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