Bond, James Bond

I decided I am going to do a pre- and post-Bond release blog post. For the pre-post, I have to say that while I think Daniel Craig is a great actor, suited for action films, he doesn’t seem like “Bond” to me. He seems like a high-thrills, well-built, good looking action hero.

I consider myself a huge Bond fan and have seen all the movies more times then I can remember. Based on that, I would say Bond as a character is centered around his ability to be suave. He does not rely on his strength, but rather his wit and his charm. Granted, its nice to watch the pretty stunts, but where is the Bond that used to order the Dom Perignon and caviar, followed by oyster chasers and champagne?


After the movie, I’ll have to write about what I think. Maybe I’ll get to see the suave, easy-going side of James Bond that I have come to miss…