I’m a Twilight Twi-hard baby

This weekend I went and so Twilight. No I had not read the books, no I didn’t go see it to hang out with a thousand screaming teenage girls, and yes I have a man crush on Rob Pattison.

Despite the book snobs (no offense, I’ve said this before) who told me the movie sucked compared to the book, I loved it. What movie really ever lived up to the book when science fiction is involved?

Here’s the thing: don’t go see this movie if you are expecting great CGI effects or outstanding acting. It’s just a captivating story to me and that’s the only way I can describe it. Something about rich, attractive vampires captures my imagination. There was no garlic, no lame excuse for not going in the sun, no coffins, and no bats (sorry if I ruined the movie for anyone).

If that’s not enough, Rob Pattison is an awesome musician and he has a couple songs on the soundtrack.

The end for now…