Prospekt’s March Review

For those who were not aware, Coldplay released a new EP this week entitled, “Prospekt’s March.” Prospekt was actually the rumored title of their newest album which actually released as “Viva la Vida.”

So, as you all have been eagerly anticipating from me, here is a review of the EP in no particular order.

The EP consists of 8 songs and video of Viva la Vida. Several of the songs are remakes of songs already on the latest album with a few twists.

“Lost+” is performed with Jay-Z, definitely a different sound for both Coldplay and Jay-Z. I’m not convinced it’s the best match, but it makes for fun listening, I mean if you’re into rap and all that.

As for the “Lovers in Japan” mix, nothing really new there. Odds are you won’t even notice the difference between the EP version and the album version unless you listen to them back-to-back.

“Life in Technicolor II” is different in that it now has lyrics!!! I love the jam they do for this song on the album, but the lyrics add a whole new dimension to the song. Definitely a great addition.

“Postcards from Far Away” is literally just an interlude; some soft piano for classics lovers. Maybe they are trying to secretly appeal to an older generation, not to say that only old people like classical music.

“Rainy Day” is a different sound for them. The only thing that makes it Coldplayesque is that violin/synth sound they have coined and Chris Martins voice. It actually sounds like a Beck song most of the time.

“Prospekt’s March” overall is a good jam. Real soothing, well produced, and a just plain good sound.

“Now My Feet Won’t Touch the Ground” is very reminiscent of “Kingdom Come” from their X & Y album in 2005. It’s a short song and I think it was intended to add depth to their new version of “Life in Technicolor II” as the lyrics are similar.

Finally, I have to say I lied, kind of. I said that the songs were in no particular order, but I most definitely saved the best for last.

“Glass of Water” may be their best song since 2005. Personally, I might even put it in my top 5. Musically its brilliant. This song is so beautiful that you could turn it up as loud as it could go, and the piercing awesomeness of the notes would cut a hole in the cloud cover above causing a ray of sunshine so pure the angels would bathe in it to shine upon you wherever you may go. Maybe that’s slightly exaggerated, but its a pretty solid song.

All that being said, if you are going to buy just one song, buy “Glass of Water.” If you are going to buy 2 songs, buy the whole album.