Top 5 Coldplay Songs

Last night I got to see Coldplay live for the second time in my life and it was amazing as expected. I got to talking with my buddy about a few songs that were on my “Top 5 Coldplay Songs” list. In my opinion, they are their best songs. Here is the criteria for best:

Chris Martin and band call you up and say, “ello (name), how you doing (purposely don’t use “are”)? We heard you are absolutely brilliant on the (instrument), and we want you to come on stage next performance and play/lead a song with us. What do you want play?”

The scene is this: fans are screaming, the music is louder then you have ever heard, and its sending chills down your spine. Here are the top 5 songs I would want to play:

5) Politik

4) In My Place

3) The Scientist

2) Yellow

1) Fix You

Believe me this was hard to do. I know everyone is going say, “what about clocks?” And to you I say, “tough, make it part of your own top 5” and then I chuckle.

Post your top 5 if you can, I dare you…but know that it will be mentally draining.


2 thoughts on “Top 5 Coldplay Songs

  1. I intentionally put a list together of my favorite 5 Coldplay songs before reading yours. They’re all from the first two albums:

    5. Spies
    4. The Scientist
    3. Green Eyes
    2. Rush of Blood to the Head
    1. Yellow

    Then I realized that your criteria is “What song would you play live with them?” Then my list becomes:


    That’s really it. Fix You would be fun. The Scientist on piano would be something. But I’d go right for the song that created Coldplay, and one I could turn my guitar up to 11 and wail the Coldplay signature — those driving eighth notes…

  2. would you believe me if I told you that in my adolescence, I didn’t like yellow when it first came out?

    Now I have seen them encore Yellow at two different concerts and it may well be the best song they play (and the most characteristic).

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