Heroes. Is all this worth it?

From the start, I have been a huge heroes fan. There is something about it that draws me in. I think its the hint of super naturalism which is probably why I like Harry Potter and Twilight so much as well. It’s more of an escape then anything, a chance to think about something that is totally outside of our normal thinking paths.

That being said, I don’t know whether to be intrigued or dissapointed in this season. They basically built up my hopes and tore them down. The whole Isaac Mendez thing with 9th Wonders is genius and I love the illustrations. As for the rest of the show, c’mon, who didn’t want Sylar to be good in the end, everyone was rooting for him. And what about Peter, why couldn’t he get his powers back after the eclipse? And why kill Elle?

[INSERT THEORY: Peter did get his powers back after the eclipse as it was a rebirth. He just is not aware of it yet because he has become accustomed to not using his powers since his dad took them away]

Anyway, I hope something really good happens by the end of this season or it may be the last for me. The show has so much potential!!!!!