Not kangaroo again (whining), can you pass the camel?

Australians are being asked to eat more kangaroo and camels. Apparently cow farts are not good for the environment. But has anyone asked the k-roo’s how they feel about all this? And could you honestly feel good about yourself after killing a camel? I honestly didn’t even know they had camels in Australia…and I still don’t know.

I think its back to the drawing board on this one. I mean, common, Grade A beef or Grade A camel, let’s be honest with ourselves. I’m not saying they don’t taste good, but only that our future in global warming (if its actually even happening) looks pretty meek if our solution is to wipe sheep and cows off the face of the planet. Maybe we should go back to that motor vehicle thing people have been working on…

I don’t think/hope the kangaroo’s have anything to worry about…


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