Resolution ’09

Everyone sets resolutions and who knows why we pick January 1st really, other than the fact that everyone does it I guess. Anyway, I’ve decided on some resolutions that I think will be awesome, which I suppose I have to think or else I wouldn’t think them in the first place. Here they are:

  1. Hit my target weight in 6 months: sounds simple enough. Since college ended I’ve managed to put a few pounds and a couple inches on. Basketball at least 3 times a week coupled with swimming and toning will hopefully help.
  2. Produce an EP: Lately I have been trying to take my music playing to a new level by actually writing original songs. I recorded them for youtubes, but they are extremely rough, let’s be honest. Since I have slowly been accumulating the equipment, hopefully I will be able to record at least 5 decent songs by this December. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just something I can call my own.
  3. Improve my vertical jump to 42″: That’s a joke but man that would be sweet.
  4. Buy a home: This one is a little more tricky, but if I’m going to buy a place to call our own, odds are in our favor that it will be in the very near future.
  5. Read: Yes, learn to read, really fast that is. Doing my master’s has given me little to no time to myself to read anything other than the course material. I miss it, I want to read what I want to read not what I’m told to read or forced to read. Is that so selfish? The less I read, the more stupider I sound when I type and write.

That’s it for now. If all goes well, I will be a ripped worship leader with my own cd that can jump really high inside his own house while simultaneously reading. Impressive to say the least. Now I remember why I don’t usually do the resolution thing…

Bonus Resolution: In honor of acknowledging that I read other people’s blog posts, my bonus resolution will be to blog a lot more often. I won’t give a number because then I’m just setting myself up for failure, but let’s just say you should check back regularly.


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