Cloud Nein Computing

Yesterday was the first time I had heard about the “Google G-drive” which is actually a little redundant considering it stands for the Google Google Drive. The G-drive is a cloud based computing system meaning you can virtually have your entire hard disk located on remote servers, to be accessed from anywhere in the world, pending you can find a working internet connection. No need to upgrade your computers or look for the next best thing, just find a fast connection.

Here is the article: Article on G-Drive

Here are my questions:

1) Would you upload all your hard drive information onto the web?

2) What if there servers go down for maintenance? Can you imagine, “Google is taking a day off today, sorry world.”

3) Finally, and most important, have these people not been watching movies for the past 10 years?

It may be a great idea, but if you can hack one firewall and have access to everyones information, its a problem. Is no one watching 24? The reason they are where they are is because a disgruntled group of oppresors built a device that hacked one firewall and now controls the air traffic, water, and power systems of the ENTIRE UNITED STATES. What about Live Free Die Hard? Anyone? Anyone????? They hacked “the system” and controlled the traffic grids, power grids, and everything else governmental. That’s just in the last two years…

So, what is the lesson to be learned. One hub for information storage is…well…its a cool concept, I’ll give them that, but it’s not a good idea if you know what I mean.

PS – That was a pun in the title, not a mispelling. It was also a shoutout/early Birthday gift to my pun loving friend, you know who you are…