My Top 10 Favorite Shows (Right Now)

Because I know you care so much about the shows I watch and love, here is a list of my recent favorites, the ones I am watching consistently and those that make nightitme tv real entertainment (in no particular order):

  1. Burn Notice: Airs on the USA network. An ex-spy living in Miami and blowing stuff up while trying to figure out who burned him (in the spy sense).
  2. Leverage: Airs on TNT. Basically, its an hour episode of Ocean’s 11 every week. Lots of scheming and fun technology.
  3. American Idol: Airs on Fox. I know, you are all sighing right now, but I love music and I like to see how my critiques line up with the judges. Also, I like to post my predictions for the top 5 as soon as the competition really starts.
  4. 24: Airs on Fox. I have never really been into this show until this season, and now I’m hooked.
  5. Heroes: Airs on NBC. I don’t care what people say, I love this this show.
  6. Chuck: Airs on NBC. Fun show to watch, more spy stuff involved.
  7. The Office: Airs on NBC. Who doesn’t love Andy…and Dwight…and Michael…and Jim/Pam
  8. Dirty Jobs: Airs on Discovery. What would a good tv list be without a show featuring Mike Rowe.
  9. Psych: Airs on USA. Funny characters and entertaining. Its about a hyper-observant detective who leads everyone to believe he is psychic when he solves crimes.
  10. Super Sunday +: Airs on Fox Soccer Channel. Great sports analysis of soccer in the EPL with all the best highlights.

These shows are all really fun in my opinion, and this is my blog technically, so it’s actually a fact that they are really good. If you get a chance, check out Hulu or one of the network sites to see previous episodes and let me know if you end up getting hooked on any of these too!