Our Youtube President

In an article I read recently, it talked about the media and their interaction with President Obama. Over the course of his campaign, the media has certainly been on his side (in my opinion)(for the most part). It just seems unfair to me that he is continually getting bombarded.

I couldn’t think of anything more frustrating right now then someone taking my words and twisting them into something they were not, at least while I was not there to defend myself, or taking my words literally when quite obviously they were not intended to be read that way.

So, that being said, is it so wrong that President Obama wants to utilize tools like Youtube to address the public? In his very own words? With no one speaking for him or on his behalf? With no one to blame for what was said but himself?

I would personally like to hear what he has to say, especially since he is an amazing orator which no one can deny. I like hearing his voice, it’s simply cool and confident, and it gives me goosebumps.

Read the short version here


p.s. – I cant wait to friend request Obama so I can talk to him about my ideas for the economy on facebook chat…