Advertising Insights from a Rookie

Since the installation of TiVo and the like, commercials are losing their potency. I think its come down to brand recognition. Here are a couple advertising ideas for you:

1) Product placement: You can fast-forward through the commercials, but if you make the main character drive a Chevy, that’s good advertising (and if you watch alot of tv now days you will see how many brand names are making their way into the shows).

2) Don’t buy commercial space on TV: Buy commercial space on online television venues like Hulu or newtwork stations. Lot’s of people are watching their favorite shows online because they either missed them or the DVR didn’t record.

3) Make the Logo Bigger: It’s all about brand recognition. Make your logo big and put it in every frame, so even if someone is fast-forwarding, you still leave one of the 3,000 media impressions a person gets daily.

4) I Want to Be Where the People Are: Not everyone is watching tv and it’s ignorant to think that people will come to you. It’s all about choice, go to where the people are, meet them where they are comfortable. Facebook, Online Newspapers, Billboards, Coffee Cup Sleeves…be creative.


[This one goes out to all my marketers in house]