Anyone Seen Bob?

For those of you who are always wondering where your friends are and why they won’t pick up their phone, have no fear, Google has the answer. Its called Google Latitude. Does anyone else get the feeling that they are slowly but surely taking over the world?

Anywho, Google latitude is an opt-in service that allows mobile phone users, and desktop users, to log their locations so friends can see where they are.

Things to consider:

1. Don’t call in sick and then go to Disneyland, your boss will know

2. Don’t tell your wife/girlfriend you are going somewhere and then decide not to, they will know

3. Don’t ditch your friends for a “family obligation” and then go to a party, they will know

4. Don’t commit any major felonies, you’ll get caught, unless you are smart and send your phone in a cab to the north side of town while you rob a bank on the south side. But I’m pretty sure that wont count as a legit alibi in court.

There are obviously more, but that’s it for now. You can see the setup by clicking on the image below.