Utah Highlights

Alright, so here are a few highlights from my trip to Salt Lake City, formerly known as Great Salt Lake City.

First there was the awesome setup of the conference.

We rode on a bus everywhere we went and everything was branded amazingly.

Then there was the “keynote” hall which felt like a Coldplay concert…with Maroon 5 dance mix music blaring…and flashing lights.

Then there was the Jazz game where we sat in the 14th row.

Then there was the Maroon 5 concert pre-gathering where we met Glen “big baby” Davis (Picture to prove it below)

Then there was the Maroon 5 concert where I stood 3 ft. away from Adam Levine.

Not to mention a ton of the world’s greatest advertisers and researchers including, but not limited to, Martin Sorell the CEO of WPP, Martin Lindstrom best-selling author, and George Colony the CEO of Forrester Research (Not George Clooney the actor).

It was a pretty amazing week.


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