Netflix v. Blockbuster

Let’s face it, if you dont want to pay for cable, having movies deliverd to your door step is awesome. So, who should be delivering them.

Until now I have been a Blockbuster guy. This is why. With Blockbuster, I used to be able to have my movies shipped to my house, exchange them for in-store movies, and simultaneously have my next two movies shipped out to me. The in-store exchange was the bonus. Then, suddenly, Blockbuster decided to change their system. Now when you exchange in-store, those movies count towards your “x” at a time, so your new movies don’t get shipped until you return the store ones. This equals lame.

I checked out Netflix and found that I can get the same thing, 2 movies unlimited returns each month, for $3 cheaper, and I can download some movies and shows on my computer or xbox 360. This equals awesome.

Blockbuster is trying though. They are working with Tivo to get on demand available and also have a Tivo like box they produce, but you still have to pay for it.

Kind-of long story short, I made the switch and now I’m a flixer. Guten tag.


Image courtesy of AOL