The Church Gets Social

There will always be the age old debate about whether the church should hold fast to its roots or adapt to the culture. You know, the debate where a bunch of people sit around and argue about what it means to “be in the world but not of this world.” The one about whether the Church needs marketing, or I’ve even heard whether God needs marketing. It sounds funny, but this is literally material people argue about. Well I’m not going to talk about that (unless the relentless crowds that read this beg me to write about it).

The church is getting social. Jesus said in Matthew, “Go and make disciples of all nations…” With this not so new age, one of the greatest ways to communicate with the masses is through screens. Screens include television, computers, mobile phones, other mobile devices, etc. The reality is that if you are not working, you are probably staring at some form of screen. We are able to pass mass amounts of content through these screens in very little time. People like to interact on their screens. Facebook, instant messaging, text messaging, youtube, hulu, etc. are all examples of content feeders. So, how is the church getting social? My pastor is on Facebook and it’s awesome. I actually know several church staff who use social networking sites. But that is the tip of the iceburg.

Have you heard of If not, look them up. They recently put on a couple Easter services this year. A church service delivered entirely online, not to mention you can sign into the site using your facebook profile info through their unique platform known as connect. Below you will find a clip of the worship leader for the Easter services. I think this is awesome. Now, I know some of you are going to say, “yeah, but where is the community.” Good question – I’ve been thinking about it as well. I think the scary thing is that the word “community” is evolving. It doesn’t necessarily have to mean a physical gathering. Facebook is considered a community. Youtube is considered a community. So you say, “yeah, but that’s not really the same thing.” Good – tell me why it isn’t. Anyway, this is just a cool example of the social church.

Joel Limpic – “We Enter Your Gates”