If you’ve ever seen the Office or a handful of movies with Rainn Wilson, you’re going to love this. From what I can tell, Rainn has partnered with someone or a group of someone’s to build this site called SoulPancake. What is SoulPancake? The video below should give you a little context, but the site will definetely answer more questions.

Disclaimer: This is user generated content.

There may be profanity and you have to be okay with that. If you are going to ask tough questions, you have to listen to tough answers, but I think that is the valuable part. Often we box ourselves into thinking like those we hang around with. Our views and perspectives are tinted. Listening to people talk from all different perspectives is a very different experience. Obviously you don’t have to agree with everyone and not everything is insightful, but at the very least you are bound to find something to think about.

I want to de-lamify talking about God and religion. –Rainn Wilson

Check out SoulPancake here if you haven’t already.