Kobe vs. Lebron

This might be the best part of play0ffs so far for me. There’s really nothing more I can say. I guess I can talk about the MVP award or something, but that would only be distracting from the best part of this post which is the video that follows. The funny thing is that you are intrigued by what I am writing, as if I am going to say something important and profound, possibly even pertinent to the post, and therefore feel the need beyond a nagging compellment to keep reading…just in case. Your gut tells you that you’ve had enough and are just going to skip to the video at this point, but really you won’t. You have to the know the truth. The truth, however, is far from this. Everything I have written has, and will continue to be, a distraction. Enjoy the video. Unless you still feel morally obligated to read what is written, and maybe even click a few of the links.