Microsoft to Open Stores…Next to Apple

Alright, let’s just get it out there. I used a PC for a long time, until my Junior year in college. After that computer died, I bought my firts Apple, a Macbook Pro. And I haven’t looked back.

I understand the arguments:

“I’ve used one my whole life”

“I don’t have time to re-learn”

“Apples are way too expensive”

All are valid reasons, so I’m not looking to argue. I’m not putting down Windows either, more than half the business world operates on a Windows platform.

All that being said, my friend sent me this article for the Fast Company, and I think it’s pretty funny…and pretty accurate. Basically, Microsoft is planning on opening stores, retail stores, and in some cases right next to Apple stores.

First, what exactly do they plan on selling there? There’s the Zune, Office, and Windows. They are primarily a software company, not a hardware company. Apple stores attract people because you get to play. You can mess around with the iPhone, try out the desktop, see how light the Macbook Air really is, check out the iPod touch and compare it to the traditional model, etc. There is also a pretty good help center.

Anyway, read the blog and feel free to laugh just a little, because it is funny.