District 9: The Movie (Review)

And now its time for the long awaited District 9 movie review (Don’t worry, no spoilers here).

So, after seeing the much anticipated movie, I left completely satisfied. Except for one minor hole in the plot, I thought the story was excellent, the acting was spot on, and the plot was engaging. If you replaced the aliens with actual people from the human race, you probably would have thought and felt very similar emotions. The directors did a great job giving the aliens rights as beings (and also taking those rights away in sub-human, segragant manners).

Even more scary is how real it all felt, the reality of the events that happened within South Africa. You can’t help but notice the entire movie is a metaphor for a fairly big event in South African history, I’ll let you figure that one out. Outside of it being satisfying, the movie grows on you. A day or two after, you find yourself wanted to see it again because you find yourself forgetting some of the details.

Anyway, I would recommend you see this movie. The exception is this:

1) Don’t see this with anyone who would make fun of aliens, it will just ruin the movie for you and likely bias your judgment.