How Really Good Ads Are Made

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There is a reason big companies hire big talent; they sell. Not only do they sell, but they do it with style. A good agency balances creativity with innovation, doing what's been done for years but in a new light. It's videos like this that get me excited about marketing and strategy. Since I work primarily on the strategy side, I love to see the fruition of the plan as it is manifested in different ways. Check out this brief video about an upcoming Coke spread, it's awesome!


Lifehacker: Nine Workspaces Where Famous Folks Get Stuff Done


If you’ve ever wondered how creative people do their creative stuff, the answer is in just about any way you can imagine. From the minimalist to heaper, almost all styles are represented here. After looking at these, I started to wonder, “seriously, how do some of these people actually do anything?”

If anything, it’s fun to read and see that there are other people just like you. It’s almost like I’m trying to inspire you.

See the 9 different styles here.

Still One of My Favorites

When we first got a flip cam in our office, we tried a couple different things. We wanted to see the film quality once we uploaded it to youtube or flickr, and we wanted to try out the tools in the software that came with the camera. We made this video, totally unscripted (which is fine because you can’t hear anything we are saying anyway), and then used one of the stock soundtracks it came with.

The result: an emotional video that looks like a tribute to an old friend…truly touching. I think I have a bright future in film.