Creative Types on Halloween


This Halloween for the office costume contest we decided to go a little higher concept. I guess I could have gone as Rob Pattinson, but that would have been far to easy and definitely predictable.

In short, we went as CMYK. If you don’t get it, that’s ok, not many people will. But for those of you who do get it, I’m sure you will think this is pretty funny. I can already see the comments: “Hey, if someone drops out, you can be RGB next year.” By the way, that’s me on the right, I was K, that’s black.


Apple Magic Mouse


As soon as the mighty mouse came out, I went and bought one and never had a problem with it. This new mouse takes it to a different level. The bluetooth technology is always a benefit, no USB sticks to plug in or anything for mac user which means no wires or additonal accessories. Just you, your mouse and your keyboard staring at a beautiful display.

You better believe this is on my Christmas list this year.

Wireless Phone Charging


This month I was especially attracted to this add in Wired Magazine. I had heard about this technology when the Palm Pre came out, but this was the first I had seen that allowed for iPhones and other techy devices to be charged wirelessly. It looks clean and sleek, and is definitely attractive theoretically. However, who buys the first edition of something? It’s dangerous. You know something better will come out now that the tech is public. So, here are my concerns (don’t mistake my concerns for a lack of desire to get this thing):

1) You have to buy a special case for the iPhone with a special transfer unit on the back to make the charge possible. How resistant to damage do you think this case is?

2) I’m excited that the price is comfortable. However, I have a perceived value that is higher than the price offered, therefore leaving me to the only logical conclusion, it’s made cheaply. (This is a good tip for you marketing minded folks. Perceived value is just as important actual value. Just because you can charge low prices, doesn’t mean you should)

3) You can’t only buy one. I mean you could, but then you would have to balance out the “I want to show it off at work” and “I want to use it at home” angles.

That’s it for now. Overall, awesome technology. My advice, wait for round 2, or 3.

Firefox 3.6 Beta


Although the official launch of the beta version has been postponed to Oct. 21 (the day before the Windows 7 launch), there is a way for dedicated computer enthusiasts to try out Firefox 3.6 1 Beta. Lifehacker has some good instructions on how to do that.

In other news, how awesome is tab preview switching. That’s something I can definitely get behind.

SoulPancake | How Passion + Skill = Dream Job

I’m sure you are all familiar with Dwight Schrute…well, this is the guy behind the character (and his blog). He asks some pretty deep stuff in this site and I am always intrigued.

Take a look at this documentary that was posted. It’s pretty inspiring, plus it just goes to show that soccer is the best sport in the world.