Advent Conspiracy // Watch This Video

One of our pastors showed this video yesterday and I thought it made a good point. Rather than have me ramble on about my thoughts, I strongly suggest you spend the next 2 minutes and 39 seconds watching the video instead. I’m sure they say it better than I could in that amount of time.


The Trend of Modern Church Websites


@jeremyscheller posted a link to this blog as he was featured for two of his designs. I took a look and found the post pretty enlightening. Compare what you see in this blog post (click here to view post) to what church’s were doing 10 years ago. Ok, that’s not fair, 5 years ago….3 years ago? I’m glad to see that church’s aren’t settling for poor websites. With the amount of information that flows through the internet today (expected to double every 5 years), it doesn’t make sense to have second, third, or fourth rate website if you want to engage the culture.

The Economic Genius No One Listened To

I first saw this video a couple days ago and was blown away. First of all, I don’t know anything about Peter Schiff that I haven’t seen in this video, so don’t try and pin me as an unwavering supporter as I really don’t know much about him.

The crazy thing is how disrespectful and close minded the other people were. Laughing at him, speaking condescendingly, making ridiculous overarching statements like, “you’re just wrong about this.” At one point they even sound like little kids fighting. Anyway, this video is worth 10 minutes of your time. I hope some apologies were issued to this guy.

In the mean time, I’ll do some research and see “Why Peter Schiff was wrong.” I’m sure those exist as well.

Lady Gaga…I mean Stephanie

If you didn’t see the title of this video, you may never know that this was Lady Gaga. You know, the one who has her own category of dress on the red carpet? She has an absolutely killer voice here, a far shot from some electronic song about a poker face (not that that song hasn’t brought some good laughs). I hope she decides to do an album like this..maybe even perform one of these songs in an evening gown.

Electric Guitars Rock…Literally


The more I play music, the more passionate I become about music. It’s one of the few things that crosses cultural barriers, inspires hope, can physically impact your emotions, and in some cases even change the way you think.

I’ve been playing acoustic for about 6 years now and am finally ready to take the plunge into the world of electric. My mom always told me, “learn to play acoustic first, then you can get an electric guitar.” Well, it’s time.

From my marketing/creative design side, no one does it better than Taylor guitars. They have absolutely nailed the aesthetic side of the art. Their guitars are near flawless and every guitar player will admit that.

From my music/playability side, Taylor has one of the best sounds out there in the acoustic world. Whether their electric guitars are equally adept is still to be determined, but until I hear otherwise, I would be proud to own this amazing piece of machinery. It would be the perfect addition to my Carvin “Black Beauty” C980TMW, although I’m going to have to sweet talk the wife into letting me get another guitar…