Catching Up on the Past

Over the past couple months, I have been through a few blogs layouts while remodeling this URL. Well, it’s finally done, for the moment. In doing so, I lost quite a few blogs, but happened to have this file of a couple hundred posts I had made over the past couple years. I went through them (laughing at myself) and came up with some of my favorites. Mostly because they’re just funny to me, but what better way to kick off a new era with a look at some past highlights? Please feel free to comment. Its the comments that make this stuff good.

3) Most Interesting Man in the World (Maybe the best ad campaign of 2009, and definitely funny enough to blog about. Let’s keep adding to it)

2) Monday Morning Pick-Me-Up (Traditional youtube creativity. You can do anything with a computer and an idea)

1) Darth Vader Being A Jerk (Just classic and worth revisiting…over, and over, and over again)