My Latest Creative


A long, long time ago, I talked about a freelance website called crowdspring. The idea behind the site is that small business, companies, and individuals post projects they need completed. They give all the essential details, what they need, maybe an few existing examples, and the rest is up to the world really. People, like me, look through the posted projects, whether it be html, logos, t-shirt designs, or a couple dozen other things, and post their rendition of how they see the job. The poster then chooses the one they like best, and you get paid.

Lately, I’ve been trying to increase my abilities in certain areas, among those is creative direction. Crowdspring is perfect for this. I get to practice a little, figure out how clients may interact with me, identify their real needs, and put forth what I think is the solution to their needs.

Above you can see my latest post (which is actually my first real submission). If you’d be so kind, and you probably are if you are reading this since only my friends read it apparantely, feel free to vote in the “love it” section for my creative. It just might win them over 🙂