[Don’t worry, no spoilers here] Ok, so after a whole lot of hype, both good and bad, I went and saw Avatar. Keeping in mind that I heard about this movie a while ago, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. Lately, thanks to the new Star Trek, I’ve been liking the sci-fi action genre a lot more. Of course Star Wars will always hold a special place in my heart, but this is a new found love.

Really, there are almost no good reasons not to see it. I saw it in 2D (mainly because the glasses still bug me for 3D movies), but I also talked to a lot of people that saw it in 3D. The consensus has been just about unanimous: The visual effects are surreal, the colors are out of this world, and the story is, eh. It’s not that the story line is terrible, it’s just a little predictable and is just a little bit overshadowed by the visual effects. Here are some comments I’ve consolidated (they shall remain anonymous):

movie=yes yes yes

The hype is too high… Good movie, but not earth-shattering or industry-changing. It’s just taking special effects to a higher level than ever before. The villains in particular should certainly have been more complex.

Well, Avatar was definitely very impressive!  Also definitely very predictable.  But very impressive.

So, here is my recommendation: It’s definitely worth seeing, and if you can, see it in 3D. I know 3D televisions are coming soon, but realistically, you’re probably better off seeing it in the theater since we probably all won’t be running to the store to buy our new screens and digital 3D copies of Avatar anytime real soon…unless you can wait, a while.