Why You Should Get Quicksilver


I’ve talked about this application before but I think its worth dedicating a whole post to it on its own. Quicksilver is a product made by Blacktree and it’s here to make our lives easier. This program is created for a Mac though, so PC users, you’ll have to just go pick one of those up.

How It Works

Similar to spotlight, Quicksilver allows you to quickly search your computer for something and then execute an action on that something. In my case, I like things clean and simple so I am not a big fan of having a hundred different things in my dock. For this reason, Quicksilver is amazing. You have the ability to set the keyboard shortcut. For me, I chose command + space. You might have to change your shortcut for spotlight if you choose do the same, but I felt as though that was the easiest combination to be able to perform quickly and easily without looking.

After you have set the keyboard command, you are ready to go. No matter what application you are in, you can always use that shortcut to call up the Quicksilver screen. As soon as it appears, start typing the name of the application you are looking for and as soon as it appears, hit enter to open. The default action on the application is set  “open,” but there are other options. The app is also equipped with auto-complete you won’t necessarily need to type in the whole app name.

I love anything that makes the normal things at work easier and faster, and this is definitely one of those things. Long time user, no complaints here. I’ve also added a screen shot of what my settings look like. Basically, Quicksilver starts when my computer starts, doesn’t sit in the dock and just sits in the background waiting eagerly to be used without ever making a peep. Good work Blacktree, good work.


Download Quicksilver Here