Zambia 2010

If you haven’t heard yet, I’m heading to Zambia for week. You may be wondering, “What’s he going to do in Zambia I wonder?” I’ll try and answer that question for you real quick. I’ll be flying over there on business for APU. Our job is to film a company that a couple alumni setup, and tell the story. For example, last year we sent 2 people to South Africa to do the same thing for our┬ásatellite┬ácampus, and this is the final product:

Just to sweeten the pot, the company was actually co-founded by one of my roommates from college, so I get to spend the week catching up while doing some amazing work with some amazing people. The name of the company is Zambikes and you can read all about their company on their website here. In short, I’m heading over to Zambia, via South Africa, with our resident creative director and our filmographer of choice to tell a story, and hopefully we will tell it well.



Gowalla for 2010


Lately I’ve been trying a new app for my iPhone called Gowalla. Basically, whenever you visit a location, whether it’s Jack in the Box, the place you work, the gas station, or a movie theater, you pull up the app and check in. Based on your GPS location, the application will auto populate several establishments in your immediate vicinity, and if your spot doesn’t appear, you have the option to add it to the database. If you’ve ever used four square, it’s pretty much the same concept. The application allows you to share your location updates via Twitter and Facebook, and also find and accept friends within the application itself.

As you check in you acquire stamps and pins which are stored in your passport, a virtual conglomeration of all the places you have visited. You also collect rewards along the way. All in all, this is a well made app, nice to look at, easy to use, and worth the time. It’s not like you don’t pull your phone out every time you go somewhere anyway…

So for 2010, let’s see how many places I can log.

Go to the Gowalla Website

Google Chrome Artist Themes and Youtube

Since I’ve been playing around with Chrome since they finally released a Mac version, I’ve see a couple impressive things. Almost all the initial issues I had with the browser have been resolved. In looking for ways to spruce up the look, I came across the new Artist Themes Experience. The thing that I really liked was how they utilized the youtube page. Different than your typical page, both the video elements and the normal static elements work together to show off there new product. It’s easier to see than describe, so take a look.

While you may have originally thought this post was about the themes, it’s actually more about the use of the youtube interface to illustrate integration. Working for a higher education institution, I would love to be able to use our page at a level like this. I guess we’ll see what the future holds…