Zambia 2010

If you haven’t heard yet, I’m heading to Zambia for week. You may be wondering, “What’s he going to do in Zambia I wonder?” I’ll try and answer that question for you real quick. I’ll be flying over there on business for APU. Our job is to film a company that a couple alumni setup, and tell the story. For example, last year we sent 2 people to South Africa to do the same thing for our satellite campus, and this is the final product:

Just to sweeten the pot, the company was actually co-founded by one of my roommates from college, so I get to spend the week catching up while doing some amazing work with some amazing people. The name of the company is Zambikes and you can read all about their company on their website here. In short, I’m heading over to Zambia, via South Africa, with our resident creative director and our filmographer of choice to tell a story, and hopefully we will tell it well.