First of all, please no puns in the comments until at least the 2nd line of text…

So we just landed in Utah this morning. Why am I here? Omniture. To most people that probably doesn’t mean anything, and to you I say, that’s perfectly okay. If you’ve ever heard of Google, more specifically Google Analytics, it’s basically that but just a tad more powerful. Each year (last year and this) we come to Utah to check out what they’ve been doing, what they are developing, and to learn to use the tools a little better. This year’s big headline appears to be something like, “Hey, we were bought by Adobe.” If you don’t know who Adobe is, they’re the photoshop guys.

We haven’t had any sessions yet or heard from any keynote speakers, but here is something pretty cool. We got these USB drives (2GB) loaded with a technology known as “Poken.” Basically, it is a social v-card. If you don’t know what that is, this just isn’t the post for you and I’m sorry. Maybe check back later in the “what I ate today” post, that might be more your flavor.

You plug the USB into your comp, load up your v-card with your email, picture, name, organization, social networks, etc. After that, you just touch your poken USB to someone else’s you wish to make contact with and the virtual business card is transfered instantly. Pretty cool concept in my book, I’ll have to see how it plays our through the rest of the conference. That’s it for now.

If you’re at Omniture Summit 10, I’d love to connect. At least you know what I look like now.