American Idol Commentary


Let’s be honest, the judges on American Idol are OFTEN inconsistent. Their comments are often only spoken representations of what flavor they are looking for that night (Simon is the exception – he’s just honest and is usually right…usually). I have nothing against any of the judges really, they’re all nice people, but I feel bad for the contestants who receive mixed advice week after week. So, I’ve narrowed down the essence of what each contestant should keep in mind for song choice each week as I am clearly the authority:

  1. Be relevant: You can say this about almost all business, especially socially centered businesses. I’d say the music industry is socially centered. An example would be fan communities. So, with that said, be relevant to your community.
  2. Sing your age: It does nothing for the judges and probably the rest of the country when a 16 or 17 year old sings and oldy…no matter how good the oldy is. That means that if the theme for the week is soul and R&B, and Usher is the mentor, pick a contemporary of Usher, it’s better for everyone.
  3. Dress for the job you want: I know there’s something to be said about standing out or being your own person, but there’s a line. Don’t wear things that make people question your appearance more than love your singing. The exception to this rule would be Lady Gaga, but she is neither an American Idol contestant nor a rookie in the commercial music industry.
  4. Speak when asked to speak: I know people cheer and stuff when the contestants talk back to the judges, but the truth is that it’s just awkward to watch. Let your fans speak for you.

The performances this week were okay. There were definitely shining stars though, and so, for that reason, I leave you with this video, my favorite performance of the night: