When Harry Met Edward


Photo from Screenrant.com

Remember a couple years ago when all anyone could talk about was Harry Potter? Parents debating whether it was okay for their children to read it, teenagers and adults alike reading every word and waiting in line for next releases? So where is Harry Potter now? The answer is that he and his friends have been dramatically eclipsed by vampires, mostly Twilight. Everywhere you turn today you’ll find something new on vampires, like maybe Seth Grahame-Smith’s new Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (affiliate link), or CW’s The Vampire Diaries, or maybe even HBO’s True Blood.

Here’s my super intelligent marketing analysis:

The Harry Potter marketers kind of screwed up when it came to the movies. The books were awesome, that’s obvious. I’m not entirely sure whether it was planned this way or if it was a result of extended production, but the time span between movie releases killed the vibe (until the next one hits the theaters I’m sure). I know we had the writers strike and a lull in movie releases, but come on, 2 movies in 4 years? When you have a cash cow/star on your hands, that’s really not an option.

Twilight on the other hand is capitalizing. All the books are out and the movies are releasing 7 months – 1 year apart. They’re staying hot and top of mind. If your comparing production or acting, eh, there’s room for improvement, but at least they are out there.

Keep in mind I’m not saying Harry Potter is terrible and Twilight is amazing, just commenting on two different strategies. It will definitely be interesting to see the type of hype that is generated for the next HP release, and of course, the time span between Part 1 and 2. We know it all comes down to the fans anyway.